Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dinner From The Heart.....

Love comes in many forms and when it's in the form of food - I'm happy, happy! This is the meal I made for the hubs, my daughter and my mom for Valentine's Day - and I got 'hearts' in wherever I could! Individual heart-shaped meatloaves (perfect becasue I LOVE meatloaf!), heart-shaped breadsticks, my special mashed tates with heart-shaped butter and a new broccoli dish that I knew we'd all love!
I think making a meal, such as this, extra special comes in the details. Like these heart-shaped butters. I just cut a pat of butter from a little-cooler-than-room-temperature butter and used a very small, heart cookie cutter to cut out the shape. After all were formed, I covered them and put them in the fridge until I was ready to place them into the piping hot mashed taters.
I bought refridgerated breadsticks (garlic ones...but the come in plain as well), twisted them as instructed, then formed them into hearts too! Once they were baked, I brushed each with hot, melted butter. Did I meniton there was no dieting in sight on this Valentine's Day?!
I DO have to say I make a bitchin' meat loaf (recipe to come at a later date), but instead of making one large one that would normally be served in slices, I took a good handful of the meat mixture and molded it into a heart shape, chilled them, then baked them on a sheet pan for about 40 minutes. With the tangy and delicious, red glaze, the look perfect for Valentine's Day!
Look for the recipe for this to-die-for broccoli recipe to come soon as well. I'll do a step-by-step on this one. I can hardly wait to have it again. I combines both roasted broc as well as flourettes that have been cooked with cream and garlic (then creamed with an immersion blender). The flavor is incredible!
I can't believe I forgot to snap a pic of this heavenly dessert before I scooped off the first serving! This is called Coure la Creme and it is the silkiest, creamiest, lightest & fluffiest thing you'll ever eat! It's super easy - and although it does call for a certain heart-shaped, ceramic mold, the mold isn't a must - which means everyone can have the opportunity to create this wonderfully light dessert that's served with raspberry sauce. It was the perfect ending to a LOVEly Valentine's Day dinner.
I hope your Valentine's Day was fillled with love!

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