Monday, May 3, 2010

Sweet 16 Cake and Super Fun Ice Cream Cups!

Have you ever loved someone so much it just about oozed from your pores? That’s how I feel about my daughter and this past weekend she reached that birthday that when she was a tiny baby, everyone talked about, “Wait till she turns 16!” Well - My one and only baby girl is 16 years old and I love her 16 times more today than I did when she was born – and I was totally nuts about her then!
I wanted to decorate her cake to celebrate her life and the person she’s become. So, after ordering a plain, white frosted ½ sheet cake from Costco (hellooooo…? $16.99 for a cake that will serve not only 22 party guests but leave a few servings of leftovers? Perfect!). I knew I wanted to get her pictures on the cake and assumed I’d have to make the wire curly-cues myself but found these too-perfect Sweet 16 photo holders at Party City where we’d bought a few other ‘16’ party items. Aren’t they just so cute!?
The fun – and hard part – was choosing the 5 pics to put into each holder. We only have about a million photos of her!
She’s always wanted one of those big, chunky ‘number’ candles too…only had to wait 16 years to get one ;-)
And – look what else I made for this super fun party….Ice Cream Cups! Don’t these just scream ‘Birthday Party’?!
They are totally edible, made of semi-sweet chocolate, then the edges were sipped into white chocolate then immediately dipped into hot pink sugar or tiny, colored balls.
I used my littlest scooper to form the ice cream balls, then set each on wax paper in a 9x13 pan and let them harden in the freezer overnight so all I had to do the day of the party was drop a ball in each cup…..
...and top each with a cherry! Now – I will admit…I took this picture in advance because I knew if I waited until party time, I’d totally forget to snap a photo. But what I ended up forgetting at they aprty – was putting on the cherries! :-( Oh well – they were still super cute and really yummy :-)
They tasted like an ice cream bar, ‘cept with more chocolate…never a bad thing! They, along with her very personalized cake helped make my babydoll’s very special birthday a little sweeter.

The ‘sweet’ for me was when she told me it was the best birthday she’d ever had. I love you Min! I'm so gald you had such a Happy Sweet 16!!!


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH I cannot believe she is 16! Should I embarrass her and remind her of when I first started at NBS and she called the front desk because she was freaked out to be home alone? And she and I chatted until you got home?

Those ice cream cups are DIVINE! Please give me instructions. Those look amazing.

Happy Birthday Malynn! <3

Me said...

That is SO funny! I totally forgot about that! I;'ll have to tell her tonight :-)

For the cups....just melt chocolate chips (or white, pb, butterscotch, etc) and 'paint' the insides of mini cupcake/candy liners with the back of a spoon. Place in mini muffin cups to hold their shape and when all done (coated), pop whole tray in the freezer. Next, melt more chips (or use left over of what you'd melted before). Once cups have hardened (10-15 mins) take out one at a time and peel the paper liner off - then dip the top in the melted chips (I used white choc. chips for this), dab off and then dip immediately into colored sugar sprinkles or tiny colored balls. As each was done, I put it in a pan in the freezer to harden once again. Once all were done, I put them in an airtight container and kept them in the freezer until ready to use. Easy! Let me know if you try them, Zoo!