Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Simple-Ly Perfect Sunday Mornings

(*Note* - the font is all screwy today! Can't get it all the same! I know it probably doesn;t mater to you...but this is me we're talking about! ;-) - okay...on with the show...

Don’t you love Sunday mornings? With the exception of peeping through heavy lids and realizing, “Ahhhhh….it’s Saturday”, Sunday mornings are very hard to beat. From the moment I open my eyes, I know that a quiet house, a hot pot of coffee and the Sunday paper will soon be all mine as I curl up in my favorite corner or the couch donning fuzzy slipper socks with a cozy blanket draped across my lap.

The other nice thing about Sunday mornings….breakfast. Saturday’s don’t get much breakfast, if any ‘cuz there’s stuff to do – gotta get ready for the day and head out on those errands or dig into the house cleaning. But Sundays cal for something extra….something hot and savory, maybe a special sweet from time to time - even it’s as simple as a couple of egg whites and toast, there IS breakfast that MUST be had.

This past Sunday I cut up and cooked 6 slices of thick-sliced bacon and tossed it’s chewy, smoky goodness into fluffy, barely creamy, scrambled eggs. I added a little sliced green onion for a bit freshness and an extra crisp, English muffin toasted just-so. Simple, hot, full of flavor and delicious.

A perfect, cozy breakfast to crown my perfect, cozy, Sunday morning,

Thoroughly enjoy each and every one of your mornings :-)

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