Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween!
This is just the remnants of a mini Halloween celebration we had at our house this morning. I can't let a holiday go by without doing a little something fun for my daughter and husband - it's just not in me!
I don't go out of my way or over the top - but small things like this are what I hope my daughter will keep in her memory so that one day, when she's on her own, she might think back to these special mini-celebrations and a smile will warm her heart.
This morning's treats didn't break the bank and that's an important element in our current ecomony - not that it's not important all the time! I bought my daughter and husband the 'monster size' of their favorite candy bar and gave my husband a $5 Starbucks card....just enough for one Venti drink and a little change in his pocket. Because my daughter loves the Charlie Brown Halloween special, I bought it on DVD - Lord knows we've rented it enough times over the years to have bought it several times already! So in the end, it'll save me money! :-) I made the Happy Halloween sign and paper curls during down-time at work. They add a little zing and make the presentation more fun than simply a few wrapped items in a stack. Oh...and about that....I just used plain orange paper to wrap each item, then decorated the front of each 'treat' with a skeleton, pumkpin face and bat! Simple! Cheaper than Halloween bags and tissue and more personal too! I like to keep my special treats really from me and I like to draw, so....
Keeping things simple, I think, makes them a tiny bit more special. Heck, anyone can spend tons-o-money and buy lots of stuff....but Halloween and other days like St. Patricks Day and the like aren't about gifts. However, a small treat here and there make them a bit more fun and special and you can get so creative! Like the Valentine's Day I made individual, heart-shaped meatloaves, mashed potatoes with heart-shaped pats of butter melting in the middle and heart-shaped breadsticks. It made a regular meal totally Valentiney! People appreciate time and effort - and these sorts of efforts are full of love too, so everyone wins!
From me to all of you......have a very Happy Halloween!

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Zoo Askew said...

You are so creative and innovative! :) Speaking as the child of someone who made every little holiday an "occasion" I'm pretty sure you are creating wonderful memories for your daughter that she will always remember. <3