Monday, March 2, 2009

Award-Winning Brownies...?

I found the recipe for these brownies on a site I mentiond in a previous post -Bakerella. They looked so good! I had told my Mother-in-Law about Bakerella as she likes food as much as I do and she promptly made these brownies for a brownie contest at her office. Well, she won! I thought that was pretty cool!

So - this past Saturday, I thought I'd whip up a batch of these 'award-winning' treats. They're super simple....a box of brownie mix prepared as the package instructs, then, you mix up a pouch of Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip cookies - also according to package directions. You plop little scoops of the cookie batter all over the prepared brownie batter in the pan. Push the blobs down slightly, then bake for 25 - 30 minutes. They looked great and I almoast hated covering them with the chocolate ganache as the recipe calls for - but I did.

I do have to admit, these were great....while warm. But isn't every baked good better when warm? The next morning, after they'd cooled...I felt like they were just brownies. WAY chocolatly I say WAY, WAY chocolatly?! You couldn't taste any chocolate chip cookie dough - and that's what I was couinting on...the slight salty flavor from that dough mixed in with the brownie. But all I tasted - was brownie. What a waste of a perfectly good cookie dough mix! And although we usually make cookies from scratch, in a pinch, these Betty Crocker pouches have saved my daughter's sweet tooth VERY satisfactorily. They are great cookies. In this recipe, though...they just got lost :-(

Maybe I'll try these again sometime made with a peanut butter cookie mix instead of the chocolatye chip. Maybe the peanut butter could hold it's own a little more in all that chocolate. For that matter....the ganache could take a powder as well.

Time will tell...and I'll let you know!

Have a sweet day!

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