Thursday, November 5, 2009

20 and counting...

Every one of the 28 spaces in the frame shown above is filled with a fun and treasured memory spanning the hubs and my 20 years of marriage - November 4th was our 20th wedding anniversary!

The hair styles change - so do our wasitlines and the shape of our faces - but one thing that's constant...our commitment and love for each other and our life together.

Has it all been roses? Let me answer that with another anyone's marriage all roses?! Everyone has a rough patch now and then - but I'm so proud that we've weathered every storm and come out laughing - and still loving. Besides, any dark cloud that has ever passed over has been surrounded by far many more blue skies.
So - here's to a terrific 20 years and everything that made us what we are, who we are and put us where we are. I love my husband, I love my daughter, our dog, our home and our life.

Let's dig in to number 21 :-)


Zoo Askew said...

Happy anniversary!!! <3

Caren said...

Happy 20th! Time just flies by doesn't it? Congratulations to you both. Love you!

Me said...

Thanks to both of you! It was a super fun night :-)