Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ice Cream Bombe is DA BOMB!

My birthday was last Wednesday. Because my little family of three lives a little ways away from everyone else in our family, we usually wait to celebrate our birthday’s on a weekend so folks don’t have to get stuck in weekday, rush hour traffic and so that when they do arrive, they can stay a while rather than having to do everything in a rushed manner in order to get back on the road towards home.

Anyhoo…..so we had about 20 people out to our house and it was a really fun time. I usually have a hard time relinquishing food items that need to be made as I like to do so much of it myself – but this year I wanted to make several fun dessert items so I turned over most every side dish to others - the hubs and I still did the meat dish (chicken wings! I could LIVE on them!) and it was great to have everyone pitch in – it was all delicious!

My original plan was to make a pavlova, a fruit pizza on a huge sugar cookie crust, an ice cream bombe and a tray of brownies. Then I got to thinking that I was really trying to spread myself – as well as my time – a little thin. And really…did we need all those things? So…I decided on the ice cream bombe. It’s something I’d never made before but had been wanting to try – then, the balance out the cold of the ice cream, I decided to make brownies. I adore my homemade stand-by, cocoa brownies but because they’re chocolate and the bombe would have ample chocolate, I made my first ever Blondies too. I don’t have pics of either…shoulda snapped one- but let me say that everyone LOVED the blondies – I made have with walnuts, have without and the whole pan had white chocolate chips. The brownies were classic, and folks liked them lot as well – and I did half walnuts with chocolate chips throughout.

So…onto the ice cream bombe! Making a bombe is easy and you can get as creative as you want or can keep it really simple. I used a large, stainless steel bowl, sprayed the inside with non-stick coking spray, then lined it with plastic wrap, leaving plenty to overhang the rim all the way around. You need your ice cream to be softened, but still super cold and not melted at all. So, put the ice cream you’re using first, I the fridge for about 15 minutes before using it while al the other ice cream flavors are still in the freezer.

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