Thursday, January 15, 2009


Okay - venting time!

I'm a daily bus rider - and while the folks I ride with are all business commuters (which means clean, usually decent smelling and 'normal' as opposed to the freaks I used to have to ride the train with! Um, hi...bathe much?!?!), it doesn't mean there's not a clod or two in the bunch. This is what pisses me off.....people who sit in the aisle seat and leave the window seat 'available'. I put quotes around 'available' because the aisle-sitter means to advertise just the opposite. What this action really means is "I'm a big snot and I don't want to share my space and nobody's gonna sit next to me. So there!" You know what I wanna say to that? "Grow the hell up and move your fat ass over! Do you know how stupid and ass-hole-ish this one thing makes you look?!" This also goes for the dorks who take up a seat next to them with their purse/briefcase/computer. "Yeah...Umm....pick up your shit and hold it on your lap. I do it every freaking day and so can you, you rude snot""

Next up.....people in the mall. Ya know what walking is just like? It's just like driving. So, when you exit a store, how 'bout checking both directions before you bust right out into the mall traffic strolling by? It'll only take a sec and you won't look like such a hap-hazard jerk with the only intinerary that matters. If you were going to turn onto a road from a side street, you'd stop and look before barrelling into traffic, right? Pretty much the same thing here without the twisting, crushing metal. Along these same lines....if you walk at a snails pace, how about moving to the edge of the walkway (as you would the right-most lane) rather than making everybody and their brother halt and deviate around you? Same goes for those who just come to a dead stop in the middle of the walkway - How 'bout not doing that?! If you need to search your purse for a tissue for junior's nose or need to locate your gift card for the upcoming department store, veer off to the 'shoulder' or the 'center median' and do your business there. I actually amost tripped over someone once when they stopped right in the middle of the walkway and crounched down to tie their shoe. I understand them not wanting to trip on their shoelace...but, hey, shuffle on over to the side and tie-up there, Buddy! Oh...and rather than darting over to the side and cutting off someone walking right behind you...give a quick look back and make your way to the side/center - kinda like checking your side mirrors and signaling.

Number three bitchable matter..... Doors - specifically entry doors. Lots of stores, restaurants, office buildings etc. have two - or - double doors, if you will. So....How come if there are two doors - allowing for easy, two-way traffic, do people inevitably wait for someone to pass through a single door before passing through the very same door themselves?! Yeah, um, Ding-a-Ling? Open the other freaking door and go on through! Fer craps' sake! There are TWO doors! Feel free to use one of your very own!" My God!!! Wake up people!

Lastly (for today anyway) - umbrella etiquette..... If it's raining and you are using an umbrella....get the hell out from under the awning!!!!!! Here in Portland where we can get lots of rain, this is an issue - but should be a non-issue if you ask me! If you are carrying a 'cover' over your head , don't walk under another cover...leave it for someone else who doesn't have a cover/umbrella...get it? Puh-lease!

Okay - that's enough for today - negativaty bring on more negativaty and that leaves us nowhere but in a murky mess. So.....Venting done! Let's get on with the day and let's make it a good one!

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Luckylynette said...

You say it sister!! Common sense be heard!!