Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Robin's Egg Blue Paradise......

Is this dish to die for or what? It doesn't match anything I have yet I love it more than almost anything else I have! My mom, my sister and I went to the 'Rain of Glass Show'
as we do every year and this year, one of my neices came along as well. There's all sorts of collectable glassware...some gorgeous...some brings back memories as they are things my gramma owned, and some items are down right ugly! But most of all, it's fun to browse every stall and see what folks have for sale that particular year.
I usually walk away with some sort of treasure. Last year it was a square, pale yellow, refridgerator glass container that currently holds kosher salt next to my stove. I've also bought fun, glass toothpick holders, salt and peppers...whatever struck my fancy for the money I'd allowed myself to spend.
This year, I hadn't really allowed any budget for glassware. This year it would've been more of a luxury to make a purchase, but I always enjoy looking anyway :-) I did, though, happen along this beatiful robin's egg blue piece of bakeware - it's called Miramar of California. I salivated over it many times as we visited and passed by it's booth over and over again. I told my sister that it just screamed to have Macaroni-n-Cheese inside it! The contrast of colors would be so killer! The next thing I knew...my sister was telling me she was gonna buy it for me for my birthday and my mom immediately jumped in saying she wanted to go in halves! I coudn't believe it! The man selling the dish came down a few dollars and happily sold the gorgoues blue prize to my mom and sister, singing 'happy birthday' to me as he handed it over. I told him my birthday wasn't until September! Just then my sister stepped in telling me today was my birthday - and to have fun with the dish that I hadn't been able to take my eyes off of.
This isn't the first time my sister or my mom have done something so awesome out of the blue just to show their love and kindness - but it's the first time I've thanked them publicly. They deserve much more than this.....they deserve homemade mac-n-cheese! Suzanne and Mom...consider yourselves on the guest list......for life!!!

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