Monday, November 10, 2008

Breakfast Love.....

Look at that egg....the top right that a heart or is that a heart?! Nothing says 'love' like a heart and that is a heart! In our house, love is also a hot breakfast so today was a total double whammy!
Incidentally, the egg on the top left looks to be a fine rendering of the great USofA, no?! I believe it's rare enough to 'find' images in your food - although Mother Mary does seem to make several appearances each year all over the world - but two in one morning?! Aces!
Yes, hot breakfast is a constant in our house. Although lately my husband and daughter tend to lean towards eggs and toast, breakfast has been known to run the gammut - and I don't mind making the time to cook breakfast as it's the one meal I know my daughter will eat. She used to be a really good eater at every meal, willing to try new things and had lots of favorites from my arsenal of dishes, but she's fallen off as of late, so I'm glad she still wants to sit down with her dad and I to a hot meal in the morning.
I'll make just about anything that strikes my mood and will try to always serve some fruit (bananas, grapes, strawberries, grapefruit etc.) along with whatever ends up on the plate. Waffles are one of my daughter's faves.....but I'll also make her chocolate chip pancakes, french toast, pancake puffs (plain or with a little piece of sausage inside), omelets, and scrambled or fried eggs and/or egg whites. I try to change it up daily, but like I said, everyone seems to be stuck on the eggs/toast thing right now. My husband and I will also have oatmeal from time to time but for some reason, cold cereal has gone by the way-side....not sure how or why that happened...but after making hot breakfast every day, I've found that even offering a bowl of cold cereal will bring on looks that could kill!
Anyway...I just couldn't pass up sharing these 'eggs-straordinary' eggs! I hope your day got off to a tasty start!


Zoo Askew said...

That is hilarious - I love the USA egg! And, um, I am intrigued by the pancake puffs. Recipe/instructions por favor?

Me said...

I got the Pancake Puff pan as a gift for my b-day and it's SO cool! Super easy and yummy... recipes come with the pan. You can fill'em with whatever you want. Just 20 bucks at Target, put it on your Christmas list!