Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hey!..or, Heeeeey...I was right!

No, this post isn't about Fonzie....but it IS about a big ol' thumbs up for me! My last post spoke of a certain mechanical baby and it's ill reporting of my daughter's treatment of it. Well....turns out the baby was the one who was ill! My daughter called me from school in the afternoon of the day she turned the baby in and told me she saw her teacher taking the baby out of the classroom in a cardboard box, telling my daughter as she passed by, "Your baby is going to the hospital!". Woohooo! I've never been so glad to hear someone was sick!
I late recieved an email from the teacher (in response to mine) in which she told me that she'd given the baby a diagnostic test and it had failed badly. So off to the baby hospital it went! She said my daughter would not have to take another baby home for another weekend (Yeah, um....I never had suggested that she should!). She did apologize that Malynn had such a difficult baby to deal with and added that she'd told the students that they could call her over the course of the weekend if they felt there was something wrong with their baby. Well...our baby ate, cried, slept and 'wet'......would you have thought something was wrong with it? The thought never crossed our minds. The only way we new something was up was after the print-out came back - and there was no denying that there was a major screw-up inside that little, plastic booboohead.
VICTORY!!! Yes, the feeling of big-headed victory over-took me....and it was sweeeeet!
Being right feels so good! Yes!
Okay - enough gloating....have a terrific day!

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