Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, we can.....

I can breathe again - last night at 8:02, I could finally breathe again. The channel I'd watched all evening with my husband and daughter suddenly declared Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States. I know that may not sit well with some of you - but I wanted it so very badly.....I've never cared so much about an election. So,, I am feeling not only victorious - actually, not even victorious - but more, relieved and joyous. I have HOPE that positive change is on the way, HOPE that all, yes, really ALL people will be equal in the foreseeable future, and the HOPE I had for women being able to continue to have personal control over their own bodies has now been confirmed.
I see Barack Obama as someone who will lead us down a new path. A path to economic easing, less strife worldwide and new acceptance for all. One thing I don't see....a Black Man. It was so much the story last night...a huge step for Black America. Maybe I just don't get it.... All I see is a man...and HOPE, not color. Obama's victory is HOPE for all of us.....ALL of us.
I HOPE you can find your own HOPE and victory in this victory.

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