Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Macarons - Part 3.....

I made a salted caramel sauce for one of the fillings. I began by boiling sugar, corn syrup and water to 330-degrees – added vanilla…..
….then cream and a little salt and once it cooled, whisked in some butter. I will say it never set up enough to fill the cookies with it –
So, after reserving some in a separate mixing bowl, I poured the rest into a plastic container…..
..to save for later. I see vanilla ice cream with caramel topping in someone’s future!
With the sauce that I reserved, I simply whisked in some powdered sugar and made it into more of a creamy frosting. This worked really well. Here are the cookies filled with the salted caramel cream.
I also made salted peanut butter filling. It was super easy and the taste was to die for! There was a little left over and I’m positive it’s a direct match for Reeses peanut butter filling!
Happy, little plops of pb…..
…and ready go to!

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