Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Light, flaky, slightly sweet… These little gems came out of my kitchen yesterday. They were easy and fun to make. I have to admit I got the idea from another blog I read called Dozen Flours – other blogs are a god source of inspiration and you can put your own spin on things they have done to make them more to your suiting. I made fresh pie dough on Saturday evening, using my food processor for the first time in doing so. I gotta say….it was the fastest and best dough I’ve ever made! I used frozen butter – they say to use very cold butter – and since I was using the processor, I figured I could get away with the coldest...frozen! it seemed to make a difference and it’s the way I’ll make dough from here on out. It took me longer to measure the ingredients that it did to form the actual dough. Way easy-schmeezy. The rest was child’s play….strawberry jam for one flavor of mini turnover, then a brainstormed cinnamon cream cheese version as well. The filling procedure was a tiny bit tricky – can’t put too much in or they’re hard to seal – learned that one the hard way. And some of the filling can bubble out leaving the puffed inside more hollow than I’d have liked. But…they were tender, flaky and a nice change from the everyday. I’d make the strawberry ones again in a flash…the cinnamon cream cheese were the ones that bubbled a but much – might have to work on those J Oh – and a note…get as many rounds cut from the dough on it’s first roll-out. I re-used my dough three times and the last few I cut out weren’t as flaky-tender as the first and second batch. Try some fun mini turnovers soon and use whatever filing curls your toes! They’re sweeet!
I made my dough the night before – chilled it in the fridge over night, the rolled it out and cut 3 ½ “ scalloped rounds…
I laid them on parchment paper for easy baking/removal...
Next came the strawberry jam filling! Yum!
See these? The blobs of jam are a bit too big – make your blobs about half…say, ½ to ¾ of a teaspoon
Next came the cinnamon cream cheese – I just mixed a few tablespoons cream cheese with about a tablespoon of powdered sugared and several shakes of ground cinnamon and mixed it well.
I got these blobs right the first time…..
I brushed all around the edges of the dough circles with beaten egg, then folded them over and pressed down the edges and lightly brushed the tops with more egg.
Then I sprinkled each with large-crystal sugar because it gives a lovely shimmer and teeny, tiny crunch. So good!
Each batch was baked at 350-degrees for 15 to 16 minutes and they came out puffed and golden……Ooooooo…….
Here you see some of the cream cheese that bubbled right out of the tops!
The tiny turnovers were so yummy when warm…but still melt-in-your-mouth once cooled as well. Mini turnovers will be guests in my kitchen often!

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